Monday, November 5, 2012

Deck of the Day: Maat Tarot

OK, so it was the deck of yesterday. I couldn't find it!!

I need a new book case for my decks. The one I have is packed and the excess decks live in a small milk crate and two other boxes. One is a plastic bin with a handle and the oracles are Mostly in an old makeup case.

But I found it. Surprised to see it has a box. I didn't remember that.

Oh forgot your Link.

Big big cards. Slickery-stickery finish, though nicely flexible. Very shiny and when you want them to slide across each other, they would really rather stick together.

But gorgeous. Larger than life really works here. These images are magical.

Today, though, everyone wanted to be a jumper. Since the deck was in order when I started, my jumpers were all cups.

I suppose it will be an emotional day. A day to work on relationships.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Deck of the Day: Drogi Tarot

OK, so the full name is Swietlistej Drogi, but I can't say or spell that. :P

Its a wonderful deck that I got from a dear friend. And its a trimmed copy, which is even better.

Its a dark and beautiful deck. Shuffles nicely too. Not too slippery and is goodly flexible.

So I shuffled and ask what do I need to know? (thinking about the deck I'm planning to buy, and the tab open and cart I'm filling with jewelry)

I pull 9 of Wands, which in this deck depicts a person, rail thin, lying on a bed. A person stands at his side, touching hand and head. Giving comfort at his passing. There is a fire to one side and hovering above and behind the comforter, and angel has its hands outstretched. And energy emanates from them. Easing pain? Taking the Life?

Looks like a big No Shopping day for me.

So I ask, when would it be ok? Seven of Wands

A woman stands, Arms upraised and flames sprout from her palms. There are seven candles burning all around her.

In 7 days it will be ok to spend.

And the deck is well mixed, so I am trusting the reading. Being able to listen, is another issue.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Deck of the Day - Templar Tarot: The Journey

Templar:The Journey

Oh how I love this deck. When I first discovered it, it was almost painful to me. I was sure it was unavailable or unattainable. To my Joy, Allen Chester, the deck's creator was kind and reachable and the deck's price seemed - to me - a gift. I was more than happy to pay.

The images are larger than life - the deck is huge for me. Borderless so there is nothing to get between me and the image. Cardstock is way heavy. Coasters.

But I love them dearly.

The images are alive. They are bright and beautiful. Sometimes sad. I feel them. When I draw a card I feel I am receiving an important message. I know I need to open up and let it in - Or out!

I've never been sure where my messages come from, but with this deck I know its never an idle message. Templar is not a game for me, or something to take lightly.

I had to learn all over again how to shuffle these monstrous tablets, but learn I did. When I am through shuffling I feel they are as mixed as any deck I use.

I say, "What is my Lesson?" and Turn over a card.

Queen of Pentacles

It is payday today. I must be the Queen and take care of business. My resources have purpose and I have to look to my responsibilities before I squander what I have. (As I did last week.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deck of the Day: LS Enchanted

A.K.A. Tarot of the Hidden Folk

This is part of my trimmed LS deck collection. I like it so much better without borders or titles. I have done this with many of my LS decks, but not all. there are some I like just fine as they are.

Some I wish I had dupes, so I could have one with titles and one without.

The Trimmed Enchanted feels freer for me. I say what I see and do not feel limited by suit or number. It is truly liberating for me and often the image offers a message wholly different to the stale suit meanings.

These made-mini decks are fun to use. they shuffle well and all around feel good in hand.

Today I asked:
What do I need to know?

The symbols were of 10 Swords, but what I saw was a gnome gentleman standing, mouth open, hand raised. He seemed to be giving a speech.

I drew this card while on my way to a staff meeting at work. Following the meeting was a training workshop for our volunteers.

Seemed a fitting card to represent my day.

What must I accomplish today?

A man was standing hunched over the sack he was packing. Symbols were 8 of coins.

When I drew this I was drawn to that bag. What was he packing/gathering? Seemed to be coins, but there were other things in there. That didn't feel right. It wasn't about the things themselves. Was I assessing what I had? That wasn't quite it either. I left it to simmer.

By afternoon, I found myself driving from one job to the other, with a bag of supplies that were needed at the destination.

Sometimes its as simple as that.

No need to over-think it this time.

Day Late Deck: Egyptian Taror - Fournier

Fournier Egyptian

This is a beautiful deck. The favorite of my Egyptian collection. Gorgeous cardstock. Easy to shuffle. Soft imagery. A joy to use.

What was the tone of the day, yesterday? 61 The Solitude

I spent the greater part of the day, shut up in the bedroom. Hubby was seeming annoyed whenever I spoke to him - or to show images from Sandy's progress, of the flooding in NYC. So I moved out of the livingroom, so as to be less of a bother.

This was a good solitary time, to be alone with my thoughts.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Deck of the Day: Radiant Rider Waite

Radiant Rider Waite

What a bright and shiny deck this is! Its cheerful. I can't help smiling looking at it and feeling its sleek plastic-ness. I know some don't care for the too plastic decks, but it really works here.

The images are Pixie drawn, like first Rider Waite deck, but are more brilliantly colored. Radiant, as the name states.

I do enjoy the backs - many stars lighting up a night sky. And the heavy laminate makes the colors POP.

The voice is one I am all too familiar with, from my long early years with my Pocket Rider Waite.

What is the mood today? Seven of Swords

I am feeling ripped off. We'd planned to go out - enjoy the day - but I am sitting here doing not much of anything. And I resent it.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Deck of the Day: Tarot of the Pirates


This is a fun and bright deck. I think I made it better by trimming. I removed all borders and titles, leaving it with just the bold Comic-style imagery. Some folk complain about LS art styles, but I do enjoy them.

As with all LS decks it is a good size and feels nice in hand and cardstock is perfect for shuffling.

I must be feeling off lately, as I am just not able to focus on the cards. I'm not really reading these last couple days. Just kinda looking at the cards and not connecting.

Maybe tomorrow.