Monday, November 5, 2012

Deck of the Day: Maat Tarot

OK, so it was the deck of yesterday. I couldn't find it!!

I need a new book case for my decks. The one I have is packed and the excess decks live in a small milk crate and two other boxes. One is a plastic bin with a handle and the oracles are Mostly in an old makeup case.

But I found it. Surprised to see it has a box. I didn't remember that.

Oh forgot your Link.

Big big cards. Slickery-stickery finish, though nicely flexible. Very shiny and when you want them to slide across each other, they would really rather stick together.

But gorgeous. Larger than life really works here. These images are magical.

Today, though, everyone wanted to be a jumper. Since the deck was in order when I started, my jumpers were all cups.

I suppose it will be an emotional day. A day to work on relationships.

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